GAMSAT Essay Tutoring

Dr Robert Muller is an experienced teacher, tutor and academic lecturer/researcher offering a specialised academic guidance service for university students, including international students. 

The GAMSAT exam is the main testing system used for entry into Australian, UK, and Irish medical schools, and is held every year in Australia in late March and in the UK and Ireland in September of each year. Robert provides assistance with all aspects of the essay writing section of the GAMSAT test. 

Robert is an experienced published author who has been tutoring students who wish to maximise their results in the GAMSAT since 2006. As well, he has previously worked as an assessor for an Australian GAMSAT testing organisation.


All essay writing (section II) tutoring services are priced at $37.50 Australian dollars per essay. 

You can contact Robert by email at:

or via mobile on 0433 354 383

Take the plunge and get what you need to get into the medical school of your choice.

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