Sunday, January 8, 2017

GAMSAT Essay Writing Support Services - Dr Robert Muller

by Dr Robert Muller

Dr Robert Muller is an experienced GAMSAT essay writing tutor who has helped many students over the years to get into Australian and New Zealand medical schools.

The essay component of the GAMSAT exam is where students tend to make most improvement when well-coached. Robert offers a system which is based on a simple structure, together with guidance in logic (for the expository essay) and connection/empathy (for the discursive essay), the two core skills in GAMSAT essay writing. 

Robert is an experienced published author, with 32 years of academic experience, who has been tutoring students who wish to maximise their results in the GAMSAT since 2006. As well, he has previously worked as an assessor for an Australian GAMSAT testing organisation.

Robert offers a range of support services for people looking to sit the GAMSAT exam.

1) E-book at:
The e-book can be purchased for A$21.95 including GST.

2) A new Facebook page at: which has articles and access to the e-book and details of Robert's GAMSAT essay tutoring service.

3) A weekly newsletter/magazine with articles about the GAMSAT exam:

4) Dr Robert's GAMSAT essay tutoring service at: Robert can be contacted on 0433 354 383 or at: for details.

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