Monday, February 24, 2014

Creating a Writing Space – #whereiwrite

by , Progressive Geographies:

There is an interesting piece at chroniclevitae about creating a space for writing, and continued at #whereiwrite.

I have a great home study, which is where I do most of my writing - this is a picture of the last but one home study, and with the old PC, at the moment I completed The Birth of Territory in 2012.

Completing the Birth of Territory

In recent years I’ve done more and  more while away, on a laptop in libraries, shared offices, open offices, or flats and hotel rooms.

The biggest problem I have when doing this is the frustration of knowing I could resolve a reference query with a book that is on the other side of the room on the other side of the world … and I do miss having two monitor screens: I make more notes on paper when using a laptop. This is today, as I’m working on Foucault’s Last Decade:


I’m getting better at working this way. I still need it to be fairly tidy though, or at least, as the first picture shows, everything there is needed at that very time. I can’t imagine doing anything creative in a place like this.

Alternatively, you could take your writing on the train, with Amtrak’s writers in residence scheme. Though recently I’ve been doing a lot of writing in this marvellous room in the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne:


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