Saturday, April 20, 2013

Queensland Concerned Over ‘Centralist’ Gonski

by AAP, 21st Century News:

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Gonski Hands (Greens MPs)
Campbell Newman told reporters in Canberra he was “absolutely passionate” about Queensland’s schools and kids.

“I’m here today for Queensland’s kids, Queensland parents, teachers and principals,” he said. “That is my first responsibility and duty.”

None of the states and territories signed up to the federal school funding plan.

Mr Newman said over the next five years his government would spend $835 million fixing a large school maintenance backlog and introducing his government’s Great Teachers = Great Results program.

And while the premier said he agreed with the principles of the Gonski reforms, he still has many reservations, including just who would run state schools.

“What I’ve stressed today is that they are state schools, it is our constitutional responsibility, and we are concerned by a number of things we believe are centralist in approach, proscriptive and overly bureaucratic. That needs to be dealt with.”

Mr Newman said he was also concerned about a looming and very significant cut to kindergarten funding in Queensland after the end of next year.

Most university vice chancellors have also expressed their deep concern over the impact federal funding cuts would have on students, particularly disadvantaged and indigenous students. “They’ve urged me to fight for them as well, and that’s what I’m here to do today.”
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