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How to Double or Triple Your Foreign Language Learning Success

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by Larry M. Lynch

Foreign Language Learning

Okay so you're taking classes in a foreign language.

No matter what language you're learning, there are some neat tricks to suddenly ramp up your language learning success, and likely for free at that.

Would you like to more rapidly grow your foreign language communications skills? How about doubling your foreign language skills or even tripling them in about the same amount of time you're spending now?

If you do have to spend a bit more time with the language to double or triple your skills you do not need to double or triple the time you spend. Far from it, even a modest increase in your language learning time will yield tremendous benefits you may not now be able to imagine.

Want to know how?

Techniques to Quickly Improve Your Language Learning Success

Using these techniques you can quickly improve your language learning success. Here are some of the easiest, fastest and best ways to do it. They might even be free for you if you're already studying a foreign language in a school, language institute or university.

- Practice in a language listening laboratory

In a language listening lab, you primarily practice listening comprehension skills in your target language, but you'll also improve your speaking and reading skills too.

- Go to a conversation club regularly

If there is a conversation club available for addition speaking practice in your foreign language, it's a great way to build your speaking skills quickly. You'll also have the added benefit of a teacher or tutor there to give you guidance and corrections of prominent errors so you'll develop correct communicative skills while you're at it.

- Practice extra activities in a work book or study guide

Is there a work book, study guide or practice activities book available for your language classes? If so, you'll be in the clover, since you can both overtly and covertly improve your foreign language skills simply by completing as much "extra work" in the language that you can do.

- Answer each and every question in class

Not only can you quickly ramp up your speaking skills, but better grades almost certainly follow your regular efforts to speak and participate more in your language learning class. Strive to be able to answer every question asked by the teacher to any other student. You'll automatically be getting added practice that way.

Language Practice

So how much extra time does all this add up to? Not very much really. If you ramp up your class participation, no additional time is required. You're in class the same amount of time whether you sit quietly "in a corner at the back of the class room" or speak as much as possible in your language class.

But, which one do you think is going to help you to improve more quickly? That's right, by participating as much as you can in each and every class.

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