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Why Chalkboards Are A Great Learning Tool

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by Tom K L Johnson

The classrooms that your children dutifully file into each and every morning are very different to the classrooms that you and I spent our formative years learning in.

One of these differences is that the chalkboards that are so familiar to our eyes are slowly being replaced by whiteboards.

Gone are the days when you would be called to the board, to practice your cursive handwriting or to solve a math's problem, with a textured piece of chalk in your hand. There are, however, a number of reasons why the chalkboard is still a great learning tool.

For one, there are so many ways that you could choose to use a chalkboard that you would likely run out of chalk before you have attempted them all. They come in square, rectangular and circular designs, not to mention all the other shapes that don't even have names.

The frames that are added to chalkboards are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, giving you utter freedom when it comes to choosing one for use in your classroom.

For two, it is possible to purchase chalk in, essentially, all the colours of the rainbow. This can be very effective in getting children to engage with the lesson that is being taught, as colour is something that they respond to.

In many cases, teachers will use different colours to signify different lessons or sections of the work that their students are completing. The coloured chalk also allows you to draw pictures and diagrams, helping those children who are more visual learners.

For three, chalkboards can be extremely helpful in helping children to complete their homework or to remind them of important dates and information that they need to remember.

Reserving a section of the chalkboard for writing down homework instructions, for example, is a great way of keeping this in the forefront of your student's minds. Leaving reminders to bring their bathers for tomorrow's swimming lesson or to bring in science projects on Friday can also be very useful.

As you can see, there are still plenty of uses for the humble chalkboard in the classrooms of today, so they shouldn't be entirely replaced with whiteboards just yet.

If your school has already gotten rid of all their chalkboards or if they are in the process of doing so, make sure that you are able to hold onto one or two, as you never know when they will come in handy again. Or, better yet, encourage your school to invest in a brand new chalkboard or two.

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