Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tips to Manage Exam-Time Stress

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by Meghan Ivarsson

As more and more parents want their kids to do well in exams, it's common to find students suffering from large amounts of stress.

Though exam time stress is quite common, you can try certain stress management techniques and tips to improve your performance. For instance:

  • Be more organized in your daily life, as this will help you complete your assignments in a much better way. 
  • Try to wake up early, and at a set time, to give yourself more time to handle different assignments. 
  • Pick a place to study with care. You'll be able to study well in a peaceful environment, which is also going to work as a stress-buster. 
  • Consider taking advantage of online tutoring sites. If a subject or topic is not completely clear, you should consider getting some help instead of wasting your precious time solving the puzzle on your own. A little assistance will always help you to get on the right track. With a number of online tutoring sites available, you can get real-time help for every subject, including Science, English, Chemistry, Math, and more. 
  • Find some time to play. Even though it's little difficult, especially when studying for exams, you have to work according to a timetable. In order to manage stress well, you need to find some time to relax. A sporting event, a concert, or another on-campus event will give you the entertainment you need to take your mind off your exams. Moreover, using stress balls can also help a lot. 
  • Share your thoughts and preparation with other students. With the availability of the internet, it has become easier to socialize. You can also find an education portal website to communicate with other students. Not only can you talk about their preparation, you can also ask them to share their stress management skills with you. Just make sure you pick a good resource.
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