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Canadian Student Magazine: Why Canadian Students Study Dentistry in Australia

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You can learn why more Canadian students are exploring dentistry programs in Australia in the new issue of Canadian Student Magazine, featuring an article titled “Open Wide: Why Canadian Students Study Dentistry in Australia” by Kim Randall, regional director for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad in Canada.

Here’s the article reposted: By Kim Randall

The reality for many Canadian students pursuing professional degrees is that demand for seats in professional programs heavily outweighs the supply within Canada’s education system. For a prime example, consider dentistry.

Canada is home to eight English-taught dental schools that accept a combined total of 331 students each year. The University of Toronto offers the largest number of seats at 66 - a pittance compared to the 477 applicants in 2011.

Western University in London, Ontario stacks up with an even lower acceptance rate, narrowing down 618 applicants in 2011 to award 56 spots. The discouraging stats are causing more students to look beyond national borders for dentistry programs.

In 2010, Australia became a serious consideration for many Canadians pursuing careers in dentistry after the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) started recognizing the reciprocal agreement between the Australian Dental Council and the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.

The agreement allows accredited graduates of either body to practice dentistry in Australia or Canada. It also means Canadian students returning home with dentistry degrees earned in Australia can follow the same licensing process as Canadian domestic graduates. Full licensure is granted after successfully completing the National Exam administered by the NDEB.

For Andy Won Jun Lee, a first year dentistry student at University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia, the reciprocal agreement made applying to study in Australia a priority. “I was initially thinking about studying in Canada, but considering my GPA and the competitiveness to get in, I was looking into other ways to get into dentistry.”

The University of British Columbia graduate came across dental schools in Australia after reading medicine and dentistry blogs. “I talked to my friends about it,” he said, “and they told me that I was able to come back to Canada and practice here if I wanted to because of the reciprocity that recently passed.”

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