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How Reading Enrichment Activities Can Accelerate Your Child's Abilities in Just 30 Minutes a Day

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by James Lamb

Reading enrichment activities in simple terms can mean nothing more than reading regularly to your child.

It is true that many parents already read bedtime stories to their little ones. But for what motive? Usually it is often little more than to ease the child to sleep as quickly as possible.

Sadly this is an opportunity to enhance your child's academic future being squandered through lack of knowledge.

Who wouldn't want to help their child do better in school?

The obvious answer is everyone would. Yet many of us leave the educating of our kids to the educators and institutions with little input on our own behalf. There are many drawbacks and problems with that short-sighted attitude.

It goes without saying that despite being the same age, children often have varying abilities and aptitudes to learning and understanding. You could find your own child being left behind his or her peers and missing out on vital educational learning.

Reading Enrichment Activities

Professor of Teaching and Learning at Ohio State, Laura Justice and colleagues conducted a study as part of Project STAR (Sit Together And Read). Their aim, to study how reading to pre-school children regularly, impacted on them during the short and long-term.

Remarkable results showed that one or even two years later, children being read to several times per week gained significantly higher word reading skills, improved spelling abilities and higher comprehension understanding. Furthermore, STAR participant children went on to score better in academic tests in the future.

Reading and Comprehension

As studies have shown children exposed to reading at an early age are more likely to perform well academically. This is logical because kids who gain a better understanding of language, comprehension and grammar would naturally have a greater ability to understand questions whatever the subject be it English, Math, History etc.

As children understand language structures, reading aids vocabulary building skills. In turn enhanced competency encourages the young to communicate and express their thoughts and ideas. Success feeds success.

And in so doing, a child can see that as their performance grows they are naturally encouraged to continue that success with a sense of pride. There is no doubt that reading practise for kids leads to wonderful results with only a small investment in terms of time spent on reading enrichment activities.

Guided Reading Activities

As a parent now, can you cast your mind back to your own childhood? Do you remember reading a favourite story? Many of us can recall the bliss of being captivated by a classic story. Gulliver's Travels, Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island. Okay, so older children today may prefer Harry Potter or the Twilight series. There is nothing wrong with that.

The subject matter is less in important than the actual activity of reading. The list is endless, but the point is, the joy of being gripped by an enthralling story was pleasure enough. But encouraging your child to engage in guided reading activities can bring so much more. It can aid your child to enhance their schooling abilities simply by indulging in a good read on a regular basis.

Who wants to read a stuffy old book when I can play Xbox games?

Of course children are much more sophisticated than our generation and have so much more technology at their disposal. However, this can be used to the parent's advantage. You son or daughter may own an iPad, smartphone, tablet or any one or more of these gadgets. The said gadgets are capable of downloading a whole library of classic and modern books.

Encouraging a youngster to read, however and whatever the format of the material, can have remarkable effects and advantages.

You owe it to your child's future to indulge in reading enrichment activities. It doesn't have to be a chore to help with reading. Spending just thirty minutes per day sitting down and reading a story book together can have tremendous bonding benefits too.

There are many types of stories available depending on the age of the child. Some tales may be moral ones to teach lessons while a captivating fiction story can transport a little one's imagination to the far-flung corners of adventure.

Take a step forward now in helping your child not just to read an enchanting story for the sheer joy of the written word but to aid them in their future days. Go here now and invest in your child's future today.

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