Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Child's Chemistry Tutor Can Turn D's Into A's

Chemical structure of paclitaxel, trade name T...Image via WikipediaBy Kathleen Taby Rodriguez

Most will agree with the phrase that nowadays, a good chemistry tutor is a hard find. The tutor must be well-versed in their subject and the tutoring slot must just as well cozily fit in with the million other items on the busy timetable.

The fact is that private tutoring fees are so high. Time and money spent in dropping your child off for these sessions is also a hassle.

For busy parents, the to-and-fro routine from private tutoring sessions can be a nightmare. But a limited time does not mean you cannot have the best. Welcome to the world of online chemistry tutoring.

Chemistry tutoring has suddenly changed its genre and is now more fun, cooler and also incorporates technology! Time is a constraint for everybody but online chemistry tutoring has turned this constraint into a benefit! No more crazy trips to private tutoring sessions when online tutoring delivers you a wealth of knowledge in the comfort of your home.

In recent years, online tutoring has seen a rise in popularity. Many parents are finding it easier as their child gets to study from first-class teachers under their supervision. However, it is not only the safety factor which is convincing parents to go for it. Feedback in online tutoring is also quicker, so it helps parents discuss their child's progress with the tutor.

Tutoring centers which provide online tutoring, hire qualified teachers who often times also have a university degree in the subject they are teaching. They also have more teaching experience than newbie tutors and students who have pursued tutoring as a part-time job.

Parents might wonder why online tutoring might be more interesting for children when essentially, they are the same chemistry concepts that children are being taught. It is the manner in which content is delivered to the children which is interesting. Today's children, more tech-savvy than ever, will relish the online tutoring experience more than traditional pen and paper tutoring methods!

These tutoring sessions, make use of more than one medium to engage your children. Your child gets access to webinars, guest lectures and online classrooms. Online quizzes and videos make learning valuable and break away the monotony.

Whether it is a tough homework problem or a quiz the next day, your child will have guaranteed help. Thanks to online tutoring you don't have to listen to the private tutor excusing he can't come to help your child with a last-minute problem.

Your child studies from good teachers at whatever time he or she wants!

Kathleen Rodriguez is the Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Business Development for Chemin10. Chemin10 is a leader in Web-based Chemistry education and instruction. Chemin10 offers an high school chemistry teacher program that helps raise participants' to learn Chemistry in 10 minute. They are the premier leader for providing online chemistry tutoring to students

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