Thursday, January 1, 2015

VIDEO: How To Be Creative: PBS’ Off Book Series Explores the Secret Sauce of Great Ideas

by , Open Culture:

How to be creative? There’s no simple answer to that question, and no shortage of people offering answers.

Comic genius John Cleese will tell you it’s all about creating “oases for childlike play.” Filmmaker David Lynch finds a great source of creativity in meditation. Novelist Amy Tan sees creativity flowing from a kind of cosmic empathy (gotta watch the video to see what I mean). And Stanford educator Tina Seelig offers her own set of answers in a recent book, MOOC, and a TED Talk.

Now let us give you a little more food for thought. The latest episode of PBS’ Off Book video series features four figures - an author, cognitive psychologist, filmmaker, and computer scientist - all trying to put their fingers on the elusive things that make creativity happen. Their thoughts and advice are varied. But if you put them all together, you may make strides in your own creative life.

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