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Do You Fear Homeschooling High School?

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by Tina M Jackson

Quite often parents fear homeschooling high school because of the complexity of the subjects.

I was one of those parents who thought it was impossible.

After all, I didn't have a bachelors degree, nor did I remember much of what I had learned in school.

I later discovered no specialized education or training was required according to my state homeschool laws.

If you are apprehensive of homeschooling at the high school level here are action steps you can take to determine whether or not you could be successful:


Check out several books from your local library. You will learn valuable information on the topics of configuring credit hours, averaging grades, creating transcripts, and evaluating high school subjects.

The internet is also an excellent tool to pursue research. Search for blogs and forums that share information on how to create transcripts or correctly average grades. Also search for authoritative websites such as state and national organizations who support homeschooling.

Educating yourself will assist in building a foundation of courage and confidence toward getting started down the right path.

Seek Counsel

Talk with other parents who've been successful. It's not enough to only gain knowledge. It's incredibly helpful to seek advice from other families. This provides you the opportunity to compare book related information with what other families are doing.

Even though every family is different some of the experiences you hear or witness could be beneficial. Nothing is better than acquiring the opportunity to model an expert.

Search for High School Curriculum

Your job is to locate curriculum and resources designated to instruction equivalent to high school. Checking out online reviews is a great start. Began with the core subjects of math, science, history and English.

Make arrangements to attend curriculum fairs and peruse bookstores. Ask vendors questions about their products. Also check online to compare curriculum reviews.

For example: My daughter's English books were labeled, "grade 10" on the front cover and within the introduction.

Attend Workshops or Trainings

Most likely the state or local homeschool organizations in your area will schedule high school workshops/trainings. Place the date on your calendar and plan to attend.

Write out any questions in advance. Connect with other parents after the training. You're not alone in your feelings of inadequacies.

Develop a Plan

Congratulations on taking action! Now it's time to take your action to the next level! Compile all your notes and review them.

You are well on your way. You now have knowledge and understanding which should remove any fears of homeschooling through high school. Continue to educate yourself as you continue your journey.

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