Monday, August 19, 2013

Commonwealth Students’ Association Launches Recruitment Drive

Commonwealth Students' Association launches recruitment driveby

The Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) has launched its new website and membership recruitment drive.

The CSA is now accepting applications from student organisations around The Commonwealth to join the association, which will unite students and help them to positively impact the global education agenda. 

The CSA are also accepting applications from individual students to become Commonwealth Student Organisers, to champion the cause of students in their country or place of study.

Stanley Njoroge, Chair of the CSA Steering Committee said: “The CSA will be working hard to see a world where students across The Commonwealth are empowered to effect change and contribute to the development of their societies - we should be treated as partners and not just consumers of education. We want to hear from students on the issues affecting them and how they believe the education sector should develop, and to provide them with tools to make a difference.”

For further information, please click here.

SOURCE: The Commonwealth

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