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Can the iPad Save the Education System?

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by Jamie McIntyre, 21st Century News: http://www.21stcenturynews.com.au/technology-forefront-modern-world/

Technology is at the forefront of the modern world. The corporate world is forced to keep up with technology or simply be left behind, so why shouldn’t Australia’s education system be equipped with cutting edge technology?

All Australian students should be equipped with new technology for learning such as iPads or tablets and have access to leading-edge learning apps.

I am very passionate about the topic and have listed it as one of the 25-points in my blueprint to transform Australia. We need to ensure we use technology to deliver better quality education for less cost to leave our 19th century education system behind.

In fact, with the uptake of Apple technology, iPads have become an engaging learning tool. Moreover, apps are providing teachers and students with greater resources for learning at their fingertips. This can help to revolutionise our education system.

Research has shown that technology such as iPads would make learning a far more enjoyable process for students. Studies are showing that school children that have been using iPads in class have improved their learning abilities and are far more engaged, and see learning as fun again.

Schools that have started using them found that suddenly learning and behavioural problems in kids have become almost non-existent. This suggests that a lot of disobedience in students stems from the sheer boredom of the traditional 19th Century style school system.

The good thing is that a modern day education system can be implemented into Australian schools that would dramatically lower the costs of the education budget.

In fact, the current government has spent heaps of money on the education system. Yet has there been any improvement whatsoever in education standards? I doubt it.

Human capital is our greatest asset. Imagine an entire nation motivated, driven and compelled to be highly efficient and productive, compassionate and healthier with directed minds.

Imagine a country where people worked as a united team with financially educated, passionate individuals who have a purpose, are highly skilled and highly productive and have chosen a career they prefer.

We aren’t talking about a 1 or 2% GDP increase.We would be talking about an entire transformation of our entire country and everyone’s living standards.
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