Wednesday, August 7, 2013

126 Million Reasons to Use Mobile Solutions in Education

126 Million Reasons to Use Mobile Solutions in Education
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126 million.

The old adage says that there is strength in numbers, but in this case it is a sign of a global society that either cares too little or is not imaginative enough to explore new possibilities.

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, in 2011 there were at least 126 million people of primary and lower secondary school age that were out-of-school.

This staggering number has implications for developing and developed countries alike (although with varying severity).

We all want children to have access to education because the benefits of education are very often linked to one’s happiness, self-confidence, the ability to more actively participate in one’s community, and increased job opportunities, among other things.

As we approach the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the fact that for approximately 126 million children education will remain out of reach is all at once deplorable and cause to think outside of the box to address this issue.

There is a general reluctance to try technology-based approaches that may help these children enter or make returns to education. Yet, despite the challenges involved, here’s why I think mobile technology can help.

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