Saturday, July 27, 2013

What Does Blended Learning Mean for the Teaching Profession?

by Rachel Elizabeth Wood

The advance of technology into the classroom and the implementation of blended learning has teachers wondering if they need to be looking for new careers.

Blended learning, however, is not meant to replace teachers with computers, but rather empower them with new possibilities.

Educational technology gives teachers more career options and better working conditions. As technology ventures into the classroom students will grow with personalized, tech-empowered learning. Consequently, teachers should evolve as well.

As teachers are challenged with increasing demands the solution to switch to individualized online learning arises. As a result, the role of the teacher is redefined and opportunities increase.

Blended learning is very beneficial to teachers. Teachers have extended time with students, the ability to reach hard to motivate kids, and eager students. Students can get access to better information and can get an education with more of a focus on deeper learning.

Today teachers are overwhelmed by a large number of students to supervise and teach. Teachers may lose track of a student who doesn't understand a subject in a classroom filled with students.

Online learning allows teachers to serve more students and make sure that each has a full understanding of the subjects being studied. Additionally, teachers have new options to teach at home.

Teachers will love the improved working conditions that blended learning brings.

Reduced isolation, collaboration opportunities, professional development, better student data, increased time efficiency, and role-differentiation are just a few of the things teacher can look forward to with blended learning.

Studies have shown that teachers spend up to $500 a year from their own pocket to buy supplies for their classroom. This unnecessary expense will be made obsolete when education shifts to online classrooms.

The digital aspect of blended learning will bring many new career opportunities for teachers. They will be able to reach more students in-person and anywhere.

Teachers can specialize in strengths and earn sustainable higher pay. They will also have the ability to develop digital skills such as content design.

As technology is become an ever more important field in the workplace, computer science teachers will have more opportunities to teach students meaningful skills. Coding and digital education are increasingly being taught to prepare students with skills that will be useful in the digital workplace.

Blended learning can be an important enabler for renewing the teaching profession and giving educators the ability to pursue new career pathways under better conditions.

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