Friday, July 12, 2013

Students Want Say on Poll Issues

by AAP, 21st Century News:

University students want a say on a wider range of issues than just those directly related to their studies, their national union says.

National Union of Students president Jade Tyrrell says the upcoming federal election is an opportunity for students and young people to make their voices heard on issues which will impact on their lives now and in the future.

“Students aren’t just students, they’re people and they care about a multitude of issues,” Ms Tyrrell told reporters in Adelaide on Thursday.

“They care about things like the national broadband network (NBN), rights at work and marriage equality. It’s time we took a stand because the future of this country will actually rest on the shoulders of the young people of today.”

Ms Tyrrell said many students were disengaged from the political process and felt political debate had become increasingly insular over the past three years. “They feel like there’s nothing to vote for,” she said.

Comments from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, urging young people to “come back and listen afresh”, were important. But she said talk was not enough and students needed to take charge and be properly acknowledged for their views.

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