Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reasons You May Give for Not Learning a New Language!

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Here are some of the reasons most people would give for not learning a new language.

1) "I don't have time to learn a new language''

If you really want to do something, then you will always find the time for it. That being said, you may actually have very limited free time with work and other commitments.

This is why you need a language course that conveniently fits into your lifestyle and gives you the best results within the least time. Studies have shown that the best way to learn a new language is through audio.

You first learned to speak your mother tongue purely by listening to your parents and those around you. You didn't memorize words or write them on a book to be able to speak fluently. You simply knew the right words to say.

We need to use this principle for our advantage when learning new languages and this means using the auditory sense for learning new languages. If you wish to choose a language course then it certainly should be one that accommodates audio lessons instead of just plain text.

2) "I was never good at learning languages. I remember how bad I was in French Class!''

You may not have enjoyed the language lesson in the classroom, because of the obvious drawbacks of a traditional language learning class.

Let's face it. Learning a language in a classroom can be downright boring, class hours may not be convenient for you, the tutor may not pay individual attention and there would be plenty of distractions to hamper your learning.

It is so easy to not pay attention to what's being taught in a class room. There are just way too many distractions. I remember how bored I was in French class, even though I was termed one of the 'smarter' kids.

The bottom line is in a class room you really wouldn't be getting the most of your time. This is why individual learning is gaining popularity for almost every subject. There are individual language tutors that you could find online.

However, individual learning is quite obviously expensive. A better option would be an audio language course that you could use wherever and whenever you are willing to learn.

3) "Learning a language is boring!"

Think back to the times in school where you had a favourite teacher. You would remember how you developed a liking for the subject taught by your favourite teacher and how the class times were never really boring.

You actually would have put in an extra effort to your learning because you didn't want to let down your teacher.

In the same note, you might have had a teacher you didn't like as much. You would have been bored beyond words and you would have been impatiently waiting for the class to end. You see the difference?

The subject matter taught by the two teachers would have been the same, but your experience in class was completely different. You might have learnt very little, if at all, while the teacher you disliked was teaching.

This goes to show the value of the tutor or source of learning in the process of learning. Your tutor could make the difference between you learning a subject comprehensively or failing to learn anything at all.

If you believe that your language learning experience would be boring then it could be well due to the course material or source of education you use. Learning should be a two-way process, where the teacher delivers knowledge and the student returns the feedback of his experience.

This basic principle is often ignored in most language courses. So your decision when selecting a language course should therefore be an interactive program that promotes this two-way learning process.

4) ''I already know two languages. It would be impossible for me to cope with more languages"

Did you know that an average person uses just about 10% of his/her brain power? Did you know that certain individuals are fluent in seven languages? These great individuals are called 'polyglots'.

Sir John Brownrigg and Queen Cleopatra are said to be famous 'polyglots'. It is quite amazing how these great minds learnt so many languages at a time when interactive language courses didn't exist!

With all the interactions between people across the world, especially with the development of social media, managing three or four languages would be child's play.

This is because we are constantly exposed to words of foreign languages and most of these words intertwine with our own languages, making learning these foreign languages much easier.

5) "I'd love to learn a new language, but it's too expensive!''

Well it must be said that certain language courses are quite expensive. When it comes to education you should not sacrifice quality for the sake of saving on costs.

That being said, you certainly should search for a feasible language course that is interactive, audio based and helps you achieve your goal of learning a new language. A course that charges astronomical prices will not necessarily ensure value for money.

Do your research by checking previous user reviews and checking the product yourself. Most courses would offer a free trial period where you could test the course and decide for yourself whether it suits your needs.

Hopefully this article would have cleared the barriers preventing you from learning a new language. Learning a new language is a valuable skill with many great many benefits. For more about learning languages and the best courses available visit the link below.

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