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Learn How To Concentrate Better While Studying

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by Cumba Gowri

Not all people are blessed with the ability to focus for long hours on a single task like studying. Most of us get distracted by trivial things.

If it is important for you to do well in your exams then it is time you learn how to concentrate on studies and we share some tips to help you with this task.

Prepare a Timetable

Make a study plan about how you are going to tackle your subject. If you just pick a random textbook and start your exam preparation it is never going to work. Allot time for each subject and chapter.

Assign extra hours for those topics that you find difficult to understand or follow. With a reasonable work plan you will have an idea about how much you have accomplished and how much more is left to do.

Create Passion for the Subject

It is not easy to study subjects you have no interest in. To key to "how to concentrate on studies" is to develop passion and interest for a subject. The more interest in a subject you develop the more concentration you develop for the subject.

Start with the topics that are most interesting to you and proceed to the more difficult ones after you get a proper feel for the easier topics in the subject.

Another tip is to study the harder topics when you are alert and easier ones when you are tired. Pick interesting topics to study after meal times as people find hard to concentrate on a full stomach.

Pick a Suitable External Environment

Pick a comfortable and relatively quiet place to study. If you study at home then ensure that the TV, Internet and music system are switched off. Put the mobile phone on vibration mode.

Let the people at home know that you should not be disturbed during your study time. If there are too many distractions at home then head to the library and select a spot away from main traffic area.

In a library you will find students who are keen to study hard and this will be a good motivation for you to concentrate. Colleges also provide study rooms to help students have a distraction free environment. Make use of these spaces.

Get Rid of Internal Distractions

How to concentrate on studies when you have serious internal distractions? This is one of the biggest obstacles to learning and focusing.

If you are under some stress or have left tasks undone that is needs your attention then go ahead and deal with those first before you sit down to study or make a time allotment for that task in your schedule and concentrate on the subject at hand.

If you are under stress then try relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing for a few minutes before you start your study session.

Clear the Clutter

Cluttered rooms, messy tables and other loose items are distractions that keep you from concentrating. Spend a few minutes clearing up everything on your desk and you will spend a productive hour on studies.

Sleep and Eat Well

It is important to get a good nights rest for concentration on studies. Get sufficient rest and you will find that you are able a lot of time to your subject without feeling tired or bored. Eat well as no one concentrate on an empty stomach.

With these above tips you now know how to concentrate on studies and make a success of it.

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