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4 Key Advantages of Attending an In-State Public University

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by Harrington A Lackey

Many high school graduates will be going to college this Fall. For many, trying to find the "right" college can be a nightmare for them and their parents.

High school students who will attend college have more than four thousand public and private colleges and universities to choose from.

If high school graduates are not terribly selective about where they want to go, attending an in-state public university can be a wise decision.

For those still in high school who plan to attend college, I've outlined below four key advantages of attending an in-state public university.

  1. In-state tuition alone for 2013-14 runs between $5,000-$11,000. Other costs include: room and board - $5,000-$10,000, books and supplies - $1,000, personal expenses, such as student activities, use of campus facilities, computers, and gas - $2,000. If you live in the same city or close to the city with your parents, you would probably not have to pay for room and board. Out-of-state students must pay between two times to almost three times more than in-state students. The big catch is you must be a resident of that state to become eligible for in-state tuition (another article will be available later which will discuss eligibility).

  2. It's generally easier to be accepted to an in-state public university. As a matter of fact, they encourage more in-state students to apply than those from out-of-state, because they must maintain a certain quota of in-state students.

  3. Public state schools usually offer more scholarships and grant money to in-state students. However, the amount of money offered for scholarships varies from state to state. Contact your in-state universities for more information.

  4. For many incoming freshmen, attending a new college can be a very stressful situation. The idea of being away from their family and friends can be very uncomfortable. Anxiety, depression, and homesickness are common symptoms among freshmen due to being uprooted from home to a new location. Yet, in-state students are generally less stressful, because they are closer to home. They can visit their family and friends more often, so they don't feel so isolated at school.


For high school students and their parents, finding the right college or university can be a stressful situation. However, there are many parents and their children who are not too selective about what school is best for them.

If they are looking for a four-year school that: charges less tuition, accepts more students, and assists them with scholarships, and is closer to home, an in-state public university is the best choice.

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