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The Benefits of Learning Business English

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by Cait Adams

Professionals from all over the world are taking the time to up-skill, not by attending management courses or even lectures held by industry professionals, but by improving their communication abilities and learning English.

After all, it's communication that improves brokering deals and allows businesses from all over the world to build new relationships and opportunities with one another.

Why is English so important?

With an expansive history and global presence, English has found its place as the one truly international language, bridging cultures from almost every country in the world in some way or another.

The Internet and other modern communication technologies are a driving force behind the presence of the English language.

People from all over the world can communicate with one another instantly using a computer, smart phone or laptop, while the e-commerce applications of the web have led to more and more businesses expanding outside of their local market.

Without the limitations of four walls, companies value their employee's communication abilities more than ever.

Business English language skills are highly sought after, with many from Asian and European countries choosing those who can speak it over those who can't to fill every position.

What is Business English?

English is a difficult language to learn, filled with nuances and grammatical rules that are hard to follow. Business English, sometimes known as standard or international English, is a simplified version of the language quickly gaining popularity.

With many of the nuances and grammatical rules cut out and a smaller vocabulary to learn, this simplified version of English allows employees from all over the world to communicate effectively without years of study.

International English courses are less time-intensive and give learners the skills they need to succeed and grow into a demanding role. If you want to stay ahead of your competition when seeking employment, it's a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

Even native speakers are starting to take cues from Business English, slowing their delivery and simplifying their vocabulary to make it easier for foreign speakers to keep up.

With its already-strong global roots, it looks like English will continue to grow as the international language of business, beating out Mandarin.

Primary and secondary school students all over Asia are already being exposed to the language in their student life, and adult courses that teach Business English are becoming popular options for those who want to succeed and advance in their careers.

There are many great advantages of learning business english at Christchurch College of English. We have two campuses in New Zealand - one in Christchurch and one in Auckland.

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