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Online Learning: The Latest Pedagogy

English: Some APEX youth getting homework help
APEX youth getting homework help (Wikipedia)
by Kylie Taylor

If you are an educator, a tutor, a business trainer, or even a qualified expert in your field - regardless of what it might be, doing work as an online tutor is an opportunity that just might be worth seriously exploring.

In both school and business environments, there has been an incredible growth explosion in online education learning of all forms.

And of course, worldwide access to tutoring has broken down many of the geographical boundaries of the past.

With globalization has come the need for cross-cultural training, and with that the internet has provided a very useful opportunity for removing many of the previous physical limitations of education.

Tutoring can cover anything from covering the basics such as mathematics, English, foreign languages, and sciences all the way to very specific niche subjects like statistical interpretations of finance in today's global market.

Who is a good candidate to work as an online tutor? You could be an elementary school teacher, a college professor, or a doctor; many educators in traditional teaching positions also teach and tutor online, especially in the summer since many do not teach summer sessions in their usual positions.

But bear in mind, you needn't be a formal educator to make an excellent online tutor. In fact, sometimes having current practical experience is not only accepted, but also desirable.

Maybe you're a semi-retired fire code official or an auto mechanic, an engineer, or perhaps you are an expert in sewing, creative writing, or even astrology.

There is education, training and tutoring being done online for practically every subject and at every level of competency from beginner, to expert, to specialists, and everything in between.

With online tutoring, one of the major advantages is that you don't have to be in class, or even online, at a specific time. Most classes aren't administered live.

As an instructor or tutor, depending on the course structure, your role is to simply to keep an eye on progress, provide pertinent feedback, administer assignments and grade them.

Some of the more advanced courses might require you to hold webinars occasionally, which would normally just require you to log onto their system and deliver a class via a webcam, but that option is more prevalent when doing online business training as opposed to general education or tutoring.

Of course one of the most attractive perks of online learning resources and tutoring jobs is that they are usually done from the comfort and convenience of your own home, making it easy to align your need for an income with the hours you have available to do the work.

To get started, start applying to all of the companies you are qualified for, and be sure to follow their instructions to the letter.

They get hundreds of inquiries and, just like when applying in person, sloppy applications are likely to be ignored, put at the bottom of the 'pile', or simply deleted.

In order to build up your skills and get some practical experience, it can also help to provide free online tutoring as a volunteer before looking for a job. There are agencies, such as 'Homework', that can match you up with students who are in need of a tutor.

Getting some experience under your belt will not only help you to hone your skills, but also help you to assess whether or not you indeed enjoy the work, and want to pursue it further.

It can also help you define your skill set and help you to develop a niche. This is useful if subject specialization is the direction you see your career going in.

Online learning support may be just the money making opportunity you need, while still providing challenges and career fulfillment. Explore the possibilities today!

Kylie Taylor is an avid reader and passionate writer who love to write for online learning resources. She is actively involved in blogging about the latest trends in online learning support in the country.

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