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Debunking Six Myths About Math Tutoring

Tutoring @ Long Branch Library
Tutoring @ Long Branch Library (Photo credit: NJLA: New Jersey Library Association)
by Ayden Sanders

A math tutor can help your child to gain understanding of new mathematics concepts. Your reasons for needing a tutor may vary from those of another family.

Because math is such a vital function, a home tutor can help your child get the help she needs.

Regular Tutoring Schedule

It isn't necessary to block out an hour once or twice a week for your child to get the most benefit from a tutor. She may only need occasional help when she confronts new math concepts.

Or, she might be reviewing material she's learned in the past so she can take college entrance exams and do well. Stay in regular contact with your child's tutor and adjust it as she needs so extra support is available.

Tutors Must be Certified Teachers

While math is a specialized topic, it isn't necessary for your child's home tutor to be a teacher holding a current teaching certification. Teaching and tutoring use different sets of skills.

An effective math tutor who is consistent in helping her students knows how to communicate. He is also patient, knows what he is teaching and cheerful. Your child should feel comfortable working with him.

Tutoring is Homework Help

When you hire a tutor, don't expect him to sit next to your child and coach her through each of her math assignment problems. That is not his role.

Homework is a supplemental activity intended to reinforce classroom learning. A tutor helps his students find ways of doing math that work for them. In short, he works to help them become independent thinkers.

Cheap Hourly Rates are Best

Hiring a tutor based on his hourly rate isn't the best way to select someone to work with your child. If he isn't as effective as he could be, you'll wind up spending more money than you had budgeted.

Instead, interview tutoring agencies and ask them who their most successful tutors are. The more effective tutor will be in your home fewer times per week, and for shorter sessions.

Get Last-Minute Help Only

It's not very effective to hire a math tutor when your child is on the verge of failing a math class. Even when she is having an easy time with the material being taught, you should have a home tutor coming in and reinforcing current and past learning material.

A Math Tutor Will Take Too Much Time

Setting the groundwork for academic success is important, so set aside time for a tutor to come in and work with your child.

Sure, she may need to come home early sometimes, but when she can demonstrate mastery of a difficult subject, she might actually have more time for those extracurricular activities she enjoys, such as sports, cheer or spending time with friends.

When she can do the work more quickly, she won't have to spend long hours on math homework.

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