Friday, May 31, 2013

6 Steps That You Can Take To Improve Your Child's Performance In School

by Mkamba M Juke

Every time that a child comes home after the end of a study period, one of the first things a parent looks at is the child's performance.

If the child's report card shows poor grades, a bad remark from the teacher or anything that does not indicate excellence on the part of the child, it often becomes difficult for the parent to keep calm.

However, here are some basic steps that a parent can use to shape his or her child's performance in school, to ensure excellence.

a) Manage your reaction

Your child may seek for assistance from you, but once he or she notices that you have a bitter reaction, he or she may end up being scared. Therefore, even though you might be angry, it is advisable that you cool down and try to device ways that you can make him or her improve.

Using a calm approach towards any problem concerning your child's performance is one of the best ways you can use to solve the problem.

b) Assist your child

Peruse through his or her performance on the report form and identify what exactly happened. Seek to know from your child the reasons that led to him or her attaining the grades that he or she has. This will assist you to come up with steps that will improve his or her performance.

c) Talk to his or her teacher face-to-face

This is vital, as you will be able to know the teacher's views concerning your child's level of learning, also, seek to get specific tips from the teacher on how you can assist your child improve his or her grades.

d) Schedule extra hours to assist your child

This has also helped many poor performing children improve. If necessary, you can also hire a tutor as well. If poor performance is all where your concern is, then spending extra hours with him after his normal daytime lessons at school in form of home tuition can be very important.

e) Motivate your child by praising him or her

Each time your child registers a significant improvement in his or her grades, celebrate him or her through offering rewards to make him or her feel appreciated. This boosts the morale of your child thus making him or her work even harder.

f) Monitor your child's performance

This will avoid the rise of problems again. Encourage him or her to tell you everything concerning school, teachers and assignments as well. Let your child understand that you have a great interest in his or her education and that his or her performance matters a lot to you.

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