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Successful Dissertation Student Characteristics

Writing my thesis - July 1997
Writing my thesis - July 1997 (rhodes)
by William G Wargo

It takes dedication, excellence, and intelligence to make it to the dissertation stage of your education.

As you've surely seen, most students are unable to endure and make it this far.

So what sets apart your average student from one who can complete the coursework, and turn in a successful dissertation and continue on to a future career?

There are several characteristics you, the student, should strive to achieve in order to complete a successful dissertation.

Take Control of Your Future

It is important to take your future into your own hands. Don't allow excuses or difficulties to interfere with the progress on your dissertation.

You may have problems meeting the impossible standards of your chairperson, problems getting in touch with your chairperson, or other dynamics that can prove difficult. You must realize that you alone are responsible for your outcome, and making sure that everything is done on time.

Stick to your word, keep your appointments, and submit your drafts on time. Take time daily to work on your dissertation, and know your study inside and out.

Commit to being dependable, and don't let life get in the way of your dissertation. You've come too far to give up so close to the end.

Be Willing to Postpone Some Activities

Your dissertation will require daily time for writing, revising, researching and organizing your thoughts and ideas coherently. This time spent on your dissertation means you must be willing to give up some other activities that take up time during your day.

Decide beforehand what you are willing to give up to complete your dissertation. You may need to drop a commitment, sport, hobby or leisure activity to be disciplined and work on your dissertation. It's a small price to pay to meet your goals.

Your dissertation won't last forever. If you're not willing to give up something, whether it's television, your golf game or sleep, you won't see results. And not to worry, once you have completed your dissertation and graduated, you can pick these activities back up.

Don't Ever Give Up

You're certain to experience delays, failures and major life events that may hinder you working on your dissertation.

It's important to realize these events can and will occur, and be sure not to let things like accidents, a wedding, divorce or even unemployment get in the way of completing your dissertation on time. You must be persistent.

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