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Starting College And Living In The Dorm

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Some of the dorms at CU, from the stairway in the Engineering Center office tower (Wikipedia)
by Amanda G. Greene

There are not many life experiences to compare to living in a dorm. It is a very unique experience no matter if it is good or bad.

This is the first experience for many young people of living on their own away from home and having the ability to come and go whenever they desire.

Living in the dorms can create a life that is a little simpler and easier for the young people.

All of them have professional cleaning people who cleans the common places and the bathrooms, which includes the showers.

There isn't any reason for the student to cook, there might be a microwave available but that would be all. Food is available elsewhere on the campus and quite a few students will opt for the meal plan that is prepaid so they don't have to pay for food out of pocket.

Each room has at least two desks and two desks for the students. And there is a resident advisor available at all times to be sure the students are safe and to provide for any requests.

Since there is not much room in the dorms extra storage space is needed. There are large plastic containers where students can store their clothing and snacks.

These containers are airtight so nothing can get into them. There containers can also hold clothing, textbooks, and other belongings that can be stored away.

Meeting new people is one of the best aspects of dorm life, and everyone is experiencing the same situation so it makes it easier. Everyone is away from their home and generally don't know very many other individuals.

On the dorm when you leave your door open it means you are okay if people wander in and out to socialize. But if you leave you should close it, also close it if you need privacy. Closing the door generally communicates to others that you wish to be left alone.

Males and females often do not live on the same floor. They can come into the building as a guest. When having visitors roommates can decide who they want over and what time they can stay to. It is important to be considerate of each other.

While they do not have to best friends they need to have respect for each other and their belongings. If a roommate is trying to study it is not the right time to have a crowd of people over.

Life in the dorms is a new experience for young people. This is a way to get used to being independent and making the right choices. It is also a time to get to know others and have some fun.

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