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LEARNING RESOURCE: The Page That Counts: Spring 2013

English: Median weekly earnings of full-time w...
Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers, by sex, race, and ethnicity, 2009 (Wikipedia)
by Yes! magazine:

Percentage by which a male college graduate’s hourly wage was higher than a female’s in 1979: 11
Percentage by which a male college graduate’s hourly wage was higher than a female’s in 2011: 24 [1]

Percentage of its energy demand that Denmark has pledged to fulfill with renewable resources by 2050: 100 [2]
Percentage that Germany has pledged to fulfill using renewables by 2030: 50 [3]
Percentage that the United States has pledged to fulfill using renewables: 0 [4]

Percentage of people worldwide who identify as atheist or not religious: 36
Countries in which atheism is punishable by execution: 7
U.S. states with constitutional provisions barring atheists from public office: 7
U.S. states in which atheists may not testify as witnesses in courtroom trials: 1 [5]

Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit reached by prey-stunning bubbles shot from a pistol shrimp’s claw: 8,500 [6]
Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit of the sun’s surface: 9,980 [7]

Percentage of Americans who received any inheritance between 1989 and 2007: 21
Estimated households that will pay estate tax in 2013, with exemption level at $5 million: 3,770
Estimated households that would pay estate tax in 2013 with Clinton-era exemption level of $1 million: 47,710
Estimated revenue that will be lost in the next decade due to the new exemption levels: $375 billion [8]

Number of countries in Latin America that have government-run credit scoring agencies subject to public oversight: 17
Number in Europe: 7
Number of government-run credit scoring agencies in the United States: 0 [9]

Miles flown by a bar-tailed godwit in the longest nonstop bird migration ever recorded: 7,200 [10]
Miles flown in the world’s longest nonstop, non-refueled helicopter flight: 2,213 [11]

Percentage of Americans who felt in April 2011 that the political changes brought about by the Arab Spring would lead to lasting improvements for the citizens of those Middle Eastern countries: 42
Percentage of Americans who in October 2012 foresaw lasting improvements: 25 [12]

Percentage of the banking industry’s assets held by local community banks: 14
Percentage of small loans to businesses and farms that are made by local community banks: 46 [13]


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