Sunday, February 24, 2013

Improving Your Reading - For Better Grades

by Ian Shilton

Student life is laden with stress and constant worry, and it often seems that there is modest opportunity to improve your reading. There is so much to do and so little chance to get it done.

If that's not all, you have to ensure you attain the level you set for yourself. This can sometimes increase the stress you already feel and improving your reading is the last thing you are thinking about.

However, a lot of students are discovering that a little bit of time spent improving their reading compensates them with improved exam results.

You will need to take notes in class as a student. This is a huge chance to improve your reading. Take plenty of notes and make it a priority to understand them by a certain time. This means cramming, revising and reading slowly. These acts are all conducive to making your reading better.

So, your notes become a tool for you to enhance your reading and helps to also achieve the goal of learning your curriculum material much better.

Try developing your reading with a dictionary. You need to ensure you keep a dictionary handy so that you can improve your vocabulary. Having a thesaurus will help too. Again, use your curriculum materials to help here, by looking up words that you don't quite understand. This will guarantee you improve your vocabulary.

To ensure that your speed, comprehension and overall reading improves you need to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing. So what you have to do is read for this long every day as fast as you can. You could stumble and falter on the words. But, practice makes perfect and this will make you an overall better reader.

However, you should check your comprehension later. Writing a summary is the best way to do this, after you have been reading as fast as possible. So what you are doing is creating skills that give you the ability to prepare similar methods of writing to improve your studies.

Progressing your reading is no painless undertaking. But if you choose to utilise it to improve your marks you can use your course notes to assist you. Boost your word power by using your dictionary and have a reading routine that you stick too, that's what it's all about.

Once you have routines in place for this, you will have a good chance of improving your reading to the extent that you get better grades.

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