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Ten Steps to Being An A-Student in College

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by Elana Peled, Ed.D.

Being an A-Student is easier than you think. That's because A-students aren't always the smartest people in the class. But they do possess certain mindsets that allow them to excel in school.

Qualities of an A-Student Mindset

I've put together a list of ten qualities that contribute to an A-student mindset. How many of these do you have?

  • An A-student understands her purpose for going to school. She knows that every class she attends contributes to the fulfillment of that purpose.

  • An A-student is eager to learn. She knows that what she learns may potentially impact her view of the world and her place in it. She is willing to change her current beliefs, and perhaps even her goals and aspirations, in order to adjust to the new information she is acquiring.

  • An A-student sees every class as an opportunity to get closer to her goals in life. She knows that successful people draw from many resources. They don't place limits on their knowledge and understanding. They don't live in a vacuum.

  • An A-student values her past experiences, and uses them to assess the validity of the information that she is receiving. She knows that knowledge does not exist outside of the realm of experience. She understands that every experience is a valid experience.

  • An A-student doesn't hesitate to speak up when someone says something that sounds off the mark. She feels entitled to contribute to the conversation, both to enhance her own learning and understanding and to contribute to the learning and understanding of those around her.

  • An A-student asks questions when she doesn't understand. She wants to make sure she is getting the education she came for. She doesn't expect her teachers to know what her challenges will be.

  • An A-student isn't afraid to ask for help when she needs it. She doesn't expect to succeed in life on her own.

  • An A-student knows that she needs to take care of herself. She knows that nurturing her body is just as important as improving her mind.

  • An A-student knows that when she struggles in one course, it doesn't mean she will never succeed in life. She uses her struggles to gain a better understanding of her self, and she uses this understanding to make necessary adjustments so that she can continue to take joy in the life she leads.

  • An A-student may sometimes decide that the time and energy required to earn an A in a particular course isn't worth it to her. She'll be okay with a lower grade, knowing that she herself made the choice to put her time and energy elsewhere.

Do you have an A-student mindset? Are you able to bring it with you to every class you attend?

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