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Advice for College Freshmen

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by Airrion Blake-Bey

This will serve as advice to students going to college for the first time. I want to share some of my experiences that can help you during your four year college education.

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a college freshman was trying to party like a rock star. I was always an intelligent individual so I felt that I could pass my classes in my sleep, literally.

I slept in my classes during my first semester 8 o'clock class on M,W, F. It was a bad idea for me to go to parties and meet new friends on weekdays instead of studying.

College is on a different level that takes hard work and effort, there will always be time to party and meet new friends. Classes only last a short time and it is very important to get good grades because the goal is graduating with a degree. Make sure you understand the main purpose of going to college.

There is nothing wrong with having fun, but make sure you work hard and party after the work is done. I however had this idea that professors could care less if students come to class so I skipped classes once in a while. This attitude led to a "C" average during my first two semesters.

It is very difficult to raise your grade point average in college, so the worst grades make it harder to get any movement in your G.P.A. During my second year in college there were programs and groups that I wanted to join but due to such a low grade point average I could not participate. A higher grade point average would have allowed me to receive money from different sources to help pay for school.

There were organizations on campus that required a certain grade point average to join but I was left out because of such a low average. A 2.0 grade point average is not a good average for any student in my opinion.

College freshmen need to understand that this is the first step of preparing for a career in the corporate job market and being average is not a position to brag about or to help you stand apart from others.

People usually like to praise accomplishments that were hard to achieve or took some effort. A 2.0 grade point average was not an achievement that got scholarships or scholarly praise, but was the result of being lazy and trying to coast in college.

My advice to incoming college students, try as hard as you can to accomplish scholastic achievements. Hard work actually makes your college years easier, because there are people and resources that reward hard work. It may sound cool to be a party animal but the party animals are the dropouts and no one should want to be a dropout.

Your college years go by so fast and there is no way to turn back the hands of time. Regret can follow you well into your adult life. I matured late and learned to love studying in the library thereby receiving grade point averages above 3.0, but my grade point average only moved small percentage points.

There are plenty of resources to help students on campus so take advantage of them. I finally learned the value of a good education and received a Masters in Business Administration with a 3.5 grade point average after taking a break for years. This advice for college freshman hopefully will put a bug in the ear of someone who is contemplating coasting through college.

You can save yourself a lot of time and disappointment if you put your nose to the grind stone in the beginning. You may land a great job with a good reputable company with a good salary to hopefully pay off those loans and a good place to stay and nice car!

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