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Consider Many Factors When Choosing A Major

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by Kimberly Liichow

Most students begin college with a vague idea of what field they wish to enter upon graduation. However, more than a vague idea is necessary to make the most of a college degree.

Whether supported by family or paying their own way through school, students and their families want to get their money's worth. Additionally, a degree should ideally lead to the promise of job prospects.

Usually students are able to narrow their decision to a handful of possibilities. To determine which major will be the best fit, individuals should first consider their own personal preferences.

An ideal place to start is by making two lists, the first consisting of interests, values, and personality traits and the second outlining potential career paths related to each major. This exercise forces students to think beyond college courses and envision their true goal - a successful career.

Unfortunately, some individuals study for years to obtain a degree which they find to be impractical after graduation due to the nature of work or lack of personal interest in their chosen field.

Conversely, others are unable to secure steady employment in their chosen field. It is extremely discouraging to spend valuable resources earning a fruitless degree. Therefore, it is imperative that students research the market demand and occupational outlook statistics.

Moreover, individuals should research companies and career opportunities in their area, unless they are interested in travel or relocation.

Finally, most students should explore financial characteristics of their potential career field. Though the base salary plays an important role in the financial arena, other benefits such as health plans, company incentives and bonuses, retirement plans, or expense accounts should not go unnoticed.

Gathering information from a broad spectrum of potential employers will allow the best snapshot of what is available, since offerings will vary dramatically from one company to the next.

A college education is one of the most important investments a person will make, as it is the foundation for many facets of life. Similar to other investments, it takes careful planning and research for each individual to make the best decision for himself.

The process of choosing a major and a prospective future can be overwhelming. But if the process is broken down into smaller steps, much of the associated anxiety can be alleviated. In the end, the only thing that matters is that the student feels confident and secure in their decision.

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