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An MBA Program That Teaches You How to Find a Job

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by Suzanne Lucas, CBS

Suzanne Lucas spent 10 years in corporate Human Resources. She's hired, fired, and analyzed the numbers for several major companies.

She founded the Carnival of HR, a bi-weekly gathering of HR blogs, and her writings have been used in HR certification and management training courses across the country.

Don't you wish your university had helped you figure out how to get a job at the same time they were teaching you about finance, philosophy or fashion design?

College career centers tend to give advice about resume-writing (as if recent graduates have so much stuff to put on a resume that it's difficult to fit it into two pages), hold practice interviews and arrange on-campus interviews.

These are good things. But one school is doing something better: Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

The holy grail of the MBA student is the on-campus interview. Despite the importance placed on landing that perfect job right out of school, most people only stay at a job for three to four years.

After graduating, no one is going to arrange interviews for you. Therefore, at Fuqua a lot of emphasis is put on how to look for a job - after college.

"We're all on the hook for employment results at the end of the year, professionally and morally," says Steve Dalton, senior associate director at Fuqua's career management Center and author of the "2-Hour Job Search." "But our real job is not to duct-tape students together for on-campus interviews, but make them prepared for the rest of their lives."

This preparation includes a dose of real world job-searching, including making professional contacts, developing relationships and even helping others out in the future. Dalton, a former strategy consultant with A. T. Kearney, said that one thing they teach students is that all contacts are not the same.

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