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Why Study In The UK?

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by Christopher Joseph Smith

Taking the decision to study abroad is a huge one.

Not only does it mean that you are moving away from your family to study - which is the case with most students going to college or university - but it also means leaving your home nation; no quick journeys home to see mom and dad if something goes wrong, no visits to your friends back home.

Instead, you're stuck in a different country for most of the year.

All of which means that choosing the right country to study in internationally is vitally important. A great deal of this choice will come down to the languages you understand; you wouldn't go and study in Italy if you didn't speak Italian for example, unless you went with the express intention of studying the Italian language.

However, that doesn't necessarily narrow down your options that much. With so many countries offering international study schemes, how do you decide which to go for?

In this article, we're going to be discussing the merits of studying in the United Kingdom. With millions of overseas students flocking to England, Scotland and Wales every year, what is it about Great Britain that makes it so appealing as a place of international study?

A core part of the UK's appeal to international students is it's worldwide reputation as a location of quality education. With internationally renowned institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge, the UK really is a studying hotspot.

It's not just these big names that the UK boasts, however; there are thousands of educational institutions offering an excellent degree of education across a broad range of topics.

This broad range of topics is also key to the appeal of the UK as a place of study. Across it's many institutions, the British higher education system offers degrees in everything from Art History to Journalism.

Most universities will boast an internationally renowned specialist in at least one field and the competition between courses can get fierce. The upside of this is that the quality of the courses is ever-increasing.

Of course, it's not just specialist topics that the English education system is good at. Students
wishing to learn English as a language could do no better than learning it in the birthplace of the English language.

With programmes ranging from intensive courses designed to give you a grasp of the 3rd widest spoken language in the world quickly to longer courses aimed at establishing a fluency in English, the UK should be considered the #1 location of study for those wanting to learn English as a second language.

Beyond education, the UK is also a culturally diverse nation which makes it an attractive prospect to overseas students. If you're from an English-speaking country, the chances are you won't the UK that different to your own country so you should feel right at home.

Even if you don't speak English, there should be plenty of fellow compatriots for you to make friends with - often cities will have dedicated centres or areas for people of a particular culture. Of course, the British people are also very welcoming so you should find you make friends with the natives pretty quickly too!

Christopher Joseph Smith is writing on behalf of New College Manchester, a college specialising in English language courses

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