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Reading Worksheet for 1st Grade

Cover of "The Snowy Day"
Cover of The Snowy Day
by Shelly Anton

This reading worksheet for 1st grade is intended to be a quick reading probe to quickly assess reading level and reading comprehension.

The readability level for this reading passage is Level 1 on the Dale-Chall scale and Level 1.4 on the Flesch-Kincaid scale.

The Snowy Day

It is snowy Saturday morning. Zane is very happy. He plans to play outside in the snow. First, Zane eats breakfast. His mom makes pancakes. Pancakes are his favorite! After breakfast, Zane places his dishes in the dishwasher.

Next, Zane needs to clean his bedroom. His mom says he can't go outside to play until he puts his toys away. He also makes his bed. Zane loves to play with his toys. Sometimes he forgets to put them away. Zane is proud of himself. He now has a nice, clean bedroom.

Zane is ready to play! Zane gathers his snow boots and snow pants. He also has a warm coat, stocking hat, and mittens. Zane carefully puts everything on. He doesn't want to be cold outside.
As Zane heads outside, he sees his friend across the street. Levi and Zane love to play in the snow together! Last time they played outside, they built a huge fort. Levi asks Zane what he wants to do today. The two boys decide to build a snowman.

The boys begin to roll three balls of snow. They are ready to stack the snowballs. Oh no! They are too heavy to life. The boys are disappointed. What will they do now? Suddenly, Levi has an idea. Zane likes the idea. The boys begin rolling more snow.

Finally, they finish! Zane and Levi look at their work. There are three snowmen! Each snowman is made of only two snowballs. Each has a large snowball for the body and one smaller snowball for the head. What a great idea!

It is time to go inside. Levi and Zane are sad to stop playing. They make plans for the next day. Tomorrow they will go sledding!

The End.

After completing the reading worksheet for 1st grade, administer this Reading Comprehension Assessment:

1. What day of the week is it?
A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Saturday

2. Why is Zane happy?
A. He is going to play in the snow.
B. He is going to a movie.
C. It is his birthday.

3. What does Zane do so he isn't cold outside?
A. He doesn't stay outside long.
B. He puts on warm clothes.
C. He eats pancakes for breakfast.

4. Who is Levi?
A Zane's friend.
B. Zane's dad who is at work.
C. Zane's favorite uncle.

5. What are the boys making in the snow?
A. A snow fort.
B. A snowman.
C. A snow angel.

6. What problem to the boys have?
A. It is too cold outside.
B. The snow starts to melt.
C. The snowballs are too heavy.

7. Who has an idea to help with their problem?
A. Levi
B. Zane
C. Levi's mom

8. How did the boys solve the problem?
A. They used the 3 heavy snowballs for the bodies.
B. They asked their parents to help them.
C. They quit making snowmen and went sledding instead.

9. How many snowmen did the boys make?
A. one
B. two
C. three

10. What do the boys plan to do the next day?
A. Go sledding
B. Build a fort
C. Go to a movie

Answer Key:
1 - C
2 - A
3 - B
4 - A
5 - B
6 - C
7 - A
8 - A
9 - C
10- A

If the reading worksheet for 1st grade is at the student's independent reading level, he/she will have 100% reading comprehension and will have only 1-2 errors in the reading the text.

This passage is at the student's instructional level if he/she has 80% comprehension level and 5-10 errors when reading the passage. The reading passage is in the student's frustration level if he/she receives 70% reading comprehension and makes more than 10 errors while reading the selection. Finally, most first graders read an average of 50-70 words per minute.

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