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ACT Test Tips: How to Study for the ACT Test

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by Mike Bius

Sometimes the most valuable ACT test tips are the ones that are the most simple.

While many students knock themselves out studying for the ACT test, the ones who get the best scores are the ones who work smart instead of just working hard.

So here are three tips to study for the ACT test:

1) Don't study for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Marathon study sessions just burn you out and are NOT an effective way to retain information. Study for a half hour and then take a 20 minute break. You'll retain just as much as if you studied for the whole 50 minutes, AND you'll be fresh to study another cycle right away.

2) Don't just keep taking practice tests over and over. Take one practice test and analyze what TYPE of questions you got wrong and then practice answering that type of question until you are able to get them right quickly.

3) Figure out if you are a verbal, visual or kinesthetic learner. Do you remember things best by hearing them (verbal) or seeing them (visual). Or do you fidget a lot and need examples and stories to make things stick in your brain?

Whichever of these applies to you, change your study habits, locations and even study partners to fit them. Don't try to force yourself to study in a way that is not effective for you.

So remember the most important ACT test tip of all. Work hard, but don't JUST work hard; work smart as well!

By the way, if you are a parent or a student and want to see a brief video telling you more about the best way to prepare for the ACT test, you can watch the PARENT Video or go here to watch the STUDENT Video.

From Mike Bius, College Exam Tutor's ACT and College Success Coach.

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