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ACT Test Prep: How To Study For The ACT Test

Key skill assessment unit: problem solving
Skill assessment: problem solving (howard_riches)
by Mike Bius

With so many ACT test prep solutions available, it is no wonder that so many parents and students alike get confused and ask me how to study for the ACT.

It's not hard to know how to study for the ACT if you approach it strategically, like an athlete approaches a major event.

1) Know the Rules

The biggest "rule" with the test is that you are timed and have to learn how to answer questions quickly and accurately and pace yourself. When the clock runs out and you haven't answered all the questions, you lose points.

Learn time management skills and how to answer questions quickly from a good ACT Test Prep course. Knowing how to take the test is every bit as important as knowing what is on the test. So don't just study math and english and science and reading. Study how to answer questions and learn shortcuts and tips and tricks.

2) Begin with the end in mind

If you are a long distance runner, you don't start off a race at a sprint. Rather, you start off with a pace that you know you can keep up. Studying for this test is no different.

Marathon study sessions may impress your parents, but they just wear you out and aren't really effective. Study for shorter periods, like 20-30 minutes, and more frequently. You'll remember a lot more of what you studied and you won't burn yourself out.

Remember, the best ACT prep will teach you the test taking skills and the studying tips and tricks that will show you how to study for the ACT test quickly and efficiently.

By the way, if you are a parent or a student and want to see a brief video telling you more about the best way to prepare for the ACT test, you can watch the PARENT ACT Test or go here to watch the Student's video ACT Test Prep.

From Mike Bius, College Exam Tutor's ACT and College Success Coach.

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