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ACT Test: How to Raise Your Score to Get Scholarships

Mean SAT Score for reading and math tests, by year
Mean SAT Score for reading and math tests, by year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Mike Bius

Raising your score on the ACT test is a critical part of qualifying for scholarships so that you can afford the college of your choice.

However, it is not as simple as just studying more or working harder to raise your ACT test score.

The answer to how to raise your ACT test score to get scholarships lies in mastering the test instead of just studying the subjects.

The key is not in the English, Math, Reading and Science knowledge. Most students who take the test are proficient enough in these subjects to get a higher score than they are getting.

Since knowledge of the subject matter isn't the key, then what is the way to master the test? There are three specifics areas of test taking skills to master in order to raise your ACT test score to qualify for more scholarships.

1) Time management is the first aspect that must be considered in order to improve your test taking skills. Many students lose a lot of points on the test merely because they run out of time. Time management is more than just watching the clock though.

2) The second aspect of raising your ACT score is learning how to answer questions quickly. For instance, on the Math test, it is not always necessary to know how to solve the problem in order to get the right score. Understanding "rounding" and "process of elimination" to rule out wrong answers helps you get questions right and save time as well.

3) Finally, you need to learn what areas to focus on in your studying in order to raise your ACT test score. Unless you are realistically aiming for a score of 31 or higher, for instance, studying Trigonometry is a waste of time, as there are only 4 Trig questions on the test. Additionally, by learning how to analyze your sub-scores on Math and English, you will save a lot of time studying just the right things.

With the right focus, that of studying smart instead of just working hard, it is possible to raise your ACT score significantly in order to qualify for scholarships. However, it takes focus and a strategy that is borne out of a very good understanding of the ACT test.

Check out a good ACT prep course, preferably one that is video based for better retention, that focuses not on subject matter and test content, but rather on test taking skills.

By the way, if you are a parent or a student and want to see a brief video telling you more about the best way to prepare for the ACT test, you can watch the PARENT ACT Test or go here to watch the Student's video ACT Test Prep.

From Mike Bius, College Exam Tutor's ACT and College Success Coach.

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