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Student Balance

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by Mia M Young

To succeed in school you must maintain a balance between rest and study. Keep in mind - "balance" is the most important part of this format.

I'm sure you've seen the student who is on the fast track to Corporate America, weighing in 17-20 units a semester; this student is the exception to the rule. Most who choose this route aim high, and burn quick.

While you're a student, it is important to take care of yourself and spend some time rejuvenating.

This doesn't mean spending thousands of dollars at spa getting celebrity treatment. It can be something as simple as taking some time off-the-clock to breathe and enjoy the outdoors.

I challenge you to attempt an ancient Buddhist meditation practice - clear your mind and try to think about nothing. I know this feat seems easy enough, but it is very difficult, some individuals go their entire life and are unable to achieve this level of clarity. I still have not been able to fully clear my own my mind from the daily encumbrances of life.

The second part to this regimen is ... I'm going to say it ... the dreaded word... STUDY! Studying is liberation in its most enlightening form. It no longer means hours of reading heavy textbooks wearing your mother's bifocals. Read what interests you.

Of course, read your required textbook, but go beyond that, do you own research and experience life for yourself. Don't let someone else determine your perspective. Be your own author and build upon the work of other great researchers. If something sparks your interest - learn all you can about it. This will lead you to a fuller life; it will lead you to become a better student. We are all students, even the teachers.

College is a cross-roads for most students, they are contemplating whether they are making the right career-decision. Truth be told, there is no "right" decision. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for what may come your way.

Gaining volunteer experience or participating in an internship will allow you to gain workplace skills many employers seek. Also starting non-profit organizations, or going into business for yourself will demonstrate your drive and initiative to future employers.

In today's economy, experience is just as important as education. Prepare yourself with the wisdom others have left behind, explore, and find your own balance in life. Success is defined by your own terms.

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