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Make Your College Irresistible To Students

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by Bob Roth

Few college leaders have been able to make their colleges irresistible to large numbers of students. However, it is possible.

Some colleges have chosen to become known for something special, so they can attract students who have an interest in that area.

With their unique offerings, they often receive some publicity and ultimately entice the students they seek.

Of course, some colleges get a reputation for things that are undesirable and attract the wrong students.

Some colleges are known for:

- Accepting only students with Superior Academic Ability
- Top tier Football or other Athletic Programs
- Providing exceptional amounts of Grant Money
- Having Flamboyant Marching Bands
- Sending students to Study Overseas
- A Diverse, International Student Population
- Work Study and Internship Experiences
- Producing Talented Business Leaders
- Exceptional Scientific/Medical/Computer Research programs
- Their long list of Prestigious Alumni
- Being great Party Schools
- Having exceptional On-line Programs
- Their Prestigious Faculty members
- A strict Honor Code
- Having Exceptional Dormitories
- Military Programs
- Their Cafeteria Food

Other colleges are known for:

- Handing out Easy A's
- Being Inexpensive
- Accepting Every Applicant
- Specializing in Job Skill Training
- Certificate Programs
- Evening & Weekend Programs
- Convenient or Multiple Location(s)
- Lenient Policies

Each of these areas will attract certain groups of college applicants. Unfortunately, there are two areas that will attract many more applicants, but are almost always ignored by college leaders. They are:

- Comprehensive, Start to Finish, Job Search Preparation Assistance
- The Identification of Large Numbers of Employment Opportunities

Together, these two forms of student assistance can dramatically increase the number of students who can identify and land good paying jobs in their own fields of interest. Now, isn't that exactly why most students go to college in the first place? The answer is yes.

For the most part, interest in the areas, programs and reasons presented in the top section will be confined to a limited number of students with a single interest or need. However, when a college can influence the employment results of nearly every student, all college applicants will have a strong and important reason to sit up, take notice and pay close attention.

If a college leader would like to make his/her college irresistible to greater numbers of applicants, he/she can begin by investigating options like The Job Identification Machine™ and The Job Search Preparation System or other similar systems and services that can be found on the internet.

These options help colleges graduate a much higher number of students who are seeking good jobs in their fields of interest. Students will always be drawn to colleges that are good at that that. In fact, those colleges become irresistible.

Bob Roth, a former campus recruiter, is the author of four books: The College Student's Companion, College Success: Advice for Parents of High School and College Students, The College Student's Guide To Landing A Great Job -and- The 4 Realities Of Success During and After College.

Known as The "College & Career Success" Coach, Bob writes articles for College Career Services Offices, Campus Newspapers, Parent Associations and Employment Web Sites. Bob has created The Job Identification Machine™, a system that colleges use to identify thousands of employment opportunities for students.

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