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Lesser Explored Higher Education Prospects

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by Chesh Pattinson

The question of what higher education course to opt for haunts many high schoolers, graduates, and even experienced professionals.

With a plethora of options available to choose from, it is quite often the select few that make it to the top of people's lists.

Either due to lack of information or the lack of career prospects, many career options have been left unexplored for a long time.

With changing times and requirements, a lot of these courses have come to hold more promise than they have displayed earlier. Let us have a quick look at some of these options.


Tourism is not only Canada's, but also the world's fastest rising industry. There are several skilled and unskilled job roles that the industry has to offer. Several tourism schools have expanded the list of courses on offer and strengthened their base in acceptance of a surge in interest.

Job prospects

Tourism is a very diverse industry with hundreds of career options on offer. You can opt for several old school jobs like a travel agent, tour guide, pilot, or flight attendant. Or you can go in for several new age jobs like a white water rafting instructor, gourmet food expert, or a virtual tour operator.

Course requirements

Owing to the immense diversity in expertise that the industry requires and the jobs that it offers, you would be hard pressed to find a single university or college that offers all relevant courses. You could refer to any Travel or Hospitality based college for help in narrowing down your options and understanding the requirements.


To suggest to a Canadian to learn how to fish at a college has normally been laughed at. After all, we have to be doing things right if our fishing industry is one of the largest and most valuable across the world. However, more and more Canadians, have come to realize that higher education might further their business or career prospects.

Job prospects

Apart from the actual role of fishing, the industry offers several jobs. You could also look to the Fisheries and Oceans Canada or DFO for opportunities in this industry. Various personnel for office, field, research, and coast guard posts are constantly required all across the country.

Course requirements

Most fisheries courses are post-graduate courses that require a degree in B.Sc or a related environmental science or biological field.


Vancouver serves as Hollywood's third favorite spot, right after L.A. and New York. Often referred to as North Hollywood, it has all the offerings of the land of movies and opportunities right here in Canada. While there is no success guaranteed in this business, education definitely helps bridge a large gap.

Job prospects

The movie business offers several jobs right from the makeup and design to animation, direction, acting, production, sound production, post production, and a host of several others.

Course requirements

For non-specialized jobs, the film industry welcomes new entrants with arms wide open. You should check with a reputed school like Vancouver Film School for more guidance.

Whatever your career inclination, if you're at the point where you are considering higher education, don't get boxed in with the traditional course options. Look at all that the world (and universities) have to offer, analyze what suits you best, and then make your decision.

Author has been writing educational articles for a decade and is an expert in Tourism School and Hospitality Management in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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