Thursday, October 18, 2012

30 Blogs That Focus on Kindergarten Readiness

by Part-Time Nanny:

Moving into kindergarten is a big step, whether your little one is coming from a public preschool, a private one or a home-based preschool program.

As you make the transition to kindergarten, there are some basic skills that you’ll need to work on together before the big day arrives, along with some things you’ll need to consider as a parent.

These 30 blogs are all about helping children master those skills before school starts, and helping you make the right decisions for him when the time rolls around.

Reading Fundamentals

By the time your child is ready to begin kindergarten, he should be able to recite the alphabet with few problems and be able to recognize letters independently. These skills make up the foundation of reading and writing, and are emphasized heavily in most curricula.

In these five blog posts, you’ll find information on promoting these fundamental skills, along with tips and tricks to help your child master them.
Color Recognition

Having a basic understanding of shapes and colors is one of the primary building blocks of cognitive development, which is one of the reasons why most preschool and kindergarten programs emphasize it so heavily. The activities, ideas and advice offered in these five blog posts can put your little one on the fast track to memorizing the names and being able to recognize his colors.
Shape Recognition

Shape recognition plays a large part in early education, due both to the affect it has on cognitive development and the strong role that shapes play in higher sciences later in life. Learning to recognize shapes independently is an important skill for your child to start working on before kindergarten starts, and these five blog entries offer great advice for doing just that.
Numbers and Counting

When basic math classes begin, your child will need to have the ability to count and a grasp of numerical concepts. Working with him early and often to master early mathematical skills like counting and basic addition and subtraction can give your child the competitive edge he needs, and help to secure his academic success in the coming years.
Social Skills and Behavior

If your child has never attended daycare, was not enrolled in a center-based group preschool, and doesn’t have siblings, he may not interact with other kids enough to gain the social skills he’ll need to navigate kindergarten. Helping your child to understand about behavior, manners and the importance of being nice is an essential task upon which these five bloggers can offer you advice, tips and hints.
Vaccination Information
For parents of stay-at-home children that didn’t attend a group preschool, kindergarten may be the first time that the subject of immunization becomes one of concern. Whether you’re a parent who has chosen not to vaccinate, or one that has vaccinated and is concerned about the effect that an unvaccinated classmate will have on your child’s health, these five blogs are essential reading.

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