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Look to Leeds for a Great Student and Social Life

Sugarwell Court, Meanwood Road, Leeds LS7 2DJ....
Sugarwell Court, Meanwood Road, Leeds LS7 2DJ. Student residences of Leeds Metropolitan University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Louise Nelhams

There are a few reasons as to why Leeds is one of the most popular universities amongst prospective students, not least because it's a well respected faculty that has garnered a reputation for producing quality graduates over the years, providing students with an array of excellent educators.

Add to this the high level of facilities found throughout the campus and you'll soon see exactly why so many people want to come to Leeds to study.

In the 100 years or so that the university has been running, it's gradually become the establishment of choice for students who want to take advantage of city life, but without paying inflated London prices. It's regularly featured in lists and reports as one of the best universities in the UK for both the quality of education and also the quality of life for its students.

It is believed that in comparison with London, the cost of living is around 30% lower in Leeds, which means that students can make their money go further, helping them to support their student expenses and social life with less debt at the end of their experience.

Plenty to do outside of your studies

Located about ten minutes walk away from the centre of the city, Leeds University is the ideal place to go if you're looking to combine your studies with a spectacular social life.

By day you'll be working hard in state-of-the-art buildings, your education being led by some of the greatest tutors around - no matter what kind of degree you're thinking about studying for, you can guarantee that you'll be constantly challenged in a bid to help you achieve the best results possible.

Of course, you can't work all the time, so you'll be pleased to know that Leeds offers some of the best opportunities for entertainment in the country too. From fantastic music venues dotted around the city that host tours from your favourite artists, to one of the UK's largest student unions that has something different going on every night, you'll always have something to check out.

Whether you prefer shopping or sports, arts or action, there's plenty to discover in this bustling city. The Leeds O2 Academy has seen big musical acts such as Adele, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J perform there and there are some great regular music nights at venues such as The Wardrobe (opposite the bus station, which is handy!) and The Faversham (a real favourite with students).

Of course the famous Headingly cricket ground is also close to the university, and has recently hosted the European Strongman competition as well as its regular cricket matches.

Leeds has a thriving cultural scene, with plenty to do in your spare time that can simultaneously support your studies too; no matter where in the world you're from, or whatever subject you're studying, you'll find a place to fit in. There are theatres, museums, galleries and a variety of educational and enriching places to visit if you need inspiration or information for your course.

Try the Leeds City Gallery or Leeds City Museum, or spend a day at the Yorkshire Scuplture Park and take in the latest exhibition or the impressive outdoor artwork. The West Yorskhire Playhouse is also a firm favourite with performing arts students, so put yourself on their mailing list to keep up to date with what shows they are putting on.

You'll need a place to live, so see what student properties Leeds can offer

You'll always need a place to rest your head and Leeds provides its students with excellent halls of residence located in close proximity to the campus; especially useful when you're away from home for the first time.

Once you feel a little more settled, you may want to investigate some of the student properties Leeds has to offer. Finally moving into your own place may initially be a bit of a weird feeling, but once you get a taste for independence you'll soon grow used to it! The most popular areas for being close to the uni are Headingley, Hyde Park, Burley and Meanwood.

The easiest thing to do is to get in touch with the many letting agents in Leeds and advise them of exactly what you and your new found friends require. They'll be well used to organising accommodation for groups of all sizes, so even if you want to live with a bigger group of people you will be more than catered for.

The cost of housing in Leeds is fairly cheap too, and a whopping 50% or so cheaper than in the capital - if you're relying on a student loan, this will reduce your expenses significantly, and give you more money to spend on the more fun aspects of being a student!

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