Thursday, September 20, 2012

Learning Spanish in the 21st Century

Map which displays which countries use Spanish...
Map which displays which countries use Spanish as an official language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by David Agosto

People from around the world may have better opportunities if they are able to speak the languages that are widely used not only in the academic field but also in the business sector.

Learning Spanish in the 21st century for example may give more advantages to individuals not only for their personal and social growth but for their advancement in careers as well.

Businesses on the other hand are also able to expand their markets by overcoming problems regarding communication with customer thereby gaining higher rates of revenues in the end.

Aside from the English language, the Spanish language comes in second place as one of the fastest growing languages that is being used in the business world today.

More and more people around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of taking advantage of a growing Hispanic population not only in the US but in other Spanish speaking countries as well.

Aside from Spain, countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and many other Latin American countries too. It is estimated that these Spanish speaking population will definitely increase in the next years to come.

Children who start early in learning the Spanish language and any other business languages today may be better prepared in meeting the challenges in the future.

Today's world have started breaking language barriers and nations co-exist with each other thus making a global community that is able to understand one another whether it be in politics or in the business sector.

The cooperation among countries in various regions of the world has helped them survive economic crises and resolve political issues. However, more needs to be done and preparations may be done through learning Spanish in the 21st century and learning other important languages as well.

Individuals may not have much difficulty in learning Spanish as a second language because it is not that difficult to get a grasp of it. They may opt to be immersed in Spanish speaking communities at the same time learn more about life and culture.

This would greatly help them in learning the nuances, the intricacies as well as the peculiarities that are inherent to various languages such as Spanish. People may also travel to countries where Spanish is spoken in order for them to gain the confidence in using it in real communication.

These would enhance their abilities in the use of the language which later could help them in achieving their career goals in life.

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