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Knowledge of Learning Styles Helps Parents Accelerate Academic Growth in the Homeschool Classroom

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by Carol A Henderson

Studies have shown that parents that become familiar with learning styles are more likely to be successful in accelerating academic growth in the homeschool classroom.

We all know and understand that each of our children has a fascinating and unique personality all of their own.

As homeschool educators, we often find that a child's personality impacts how they learn. As a homeschool parent, you have the luxury of customizing the curriculum to match your child's interests, likes and personality.

However, in order to achieve success in this customization, you must learn a little about each of the learning styles.

The main learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. While it is true that each child learns in each of these ways, there is one particular style that your child is strongest.

In this guide, you will learn about these learning styles so that you may determine which is the strongest for your child.

The Visual Learner

The child that learns visually is able to learn information through the sense of sight. When introduced to pictures, various types of images, a variety of colors, and maps that contain information that is vital to your child's academic success, they are most likely to retain that information.

Not only do these children learn best from the previously mentioned items, but they also organize information through these means and communicate with others most effectively through these means. These types of learners are able to successfully visualize objects, words, plans and even various types of outcomes.

They often have a sharp spatial sense and you will discover that they have a wonderful sense of direction. If you are educating a visual learner in the homeschool classroom, it is essential that you use educational tools and toys that will successfully express the information that you want your child to retain and recall at a later date.

The Auditory Learner

The next of the learning styles that you should learn about is the auditory learner. The child that learns audibly is able to retain information through the sense of sound. If you homeschool an auditory learner, you may find that they have a difficult time recalling information that they have read.

However, when they have listened to the same information, they are able to successfully recall it. If you are teaching this type of learner in the homeschool classroom, there are a few different steps that may be used to accelerate their learning success:

  1. When teaching various facts, use word association tools to assist the child.
  2. If you are providing lectures on materials, be sure to use a recording device that your child may use when studying the material.
  3. You may utilize learning CDs and videos in order to accompany classroom instruction.
  4. You should encourage your child to engage in conversations on what they have learned throughout the school day.
  5. While it is beneficial for your child to write notes, you may also encourage them to use a digital voice recorder to read their notes for higher levels of comprehension.

The Kinesthetic Learner

One of the most common types of learning styles is the kinesthetic learner. These are the types of learners that retain information through various types of experiences and by actually doing things.

Out of all of the learning styles, the child that learns through touch and by doing may prove to be the most difficult to teach in the homeschool classroom. This is basically because they bore easily with lectures and print media. They want to "do" in order to learn. When movement is involved, the child is learning. In order to successfully teach these children, you may engage in the following steps:

  1. Utilize educational toys such as an abacus, models and puzzles in your lessons.
  2. When teaching math, use manipulatives.
  3. When teaching letters and words, opt for wood blocks, letters and cutouts.
  4. Encourage the child to role play with the information you are presenting to them.
  5. Allow the child to utilize a computer to learn skills and concepts.


If you educate your child in a homeschool classroom, it is absolutely essential that you learn about the various learning styles. It is likely that you child will learn visually, audibly and in a kinesthetic manner. However, they will lean heavily towards one of these learning styles.

By knowing how your child learns the best, you will play a large role in their academic growth and success. Throughout this guide, you have been introduced to the techniques that are best suited towards each of the learning strategies. By utilizing these methods, you will quickly discover your child accelerating in all aspects of their learning environment.

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