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How to Become a Teaching Assistant

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Professor Jonathan Obar's teaching assistant leading a Wikipedia "lab" at Michigan State University, in which she advises student groups on how to improve their Wikipedia articles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Steven T Johnson

Many people are scared of the job search process. Well, this page will provide you with straightforward instructions to help you become a teaching assistant!

First, you must decide where you want to work. What state/city do you want to work in? Do you want to become a teacher's aide at a suburban, rural, or urban school?

Do you care about whether you are working at a high school, middle school, or elementary school?

Although you should not limit your options, it is a good idea to give yourself a general direction as you begin the job search.

Second, you must find out what job openings there are for TAs. This is usually an easy task, as most school districts have a Regional Office of Education website that lists all the openings for the district.

The specific category you should be looking for is "Non-Certified: Support Staff." This category should contain all the openings for teacher's aides. If you can't find this category, try to find a similar category, such as "Paraprofessionals."

Third, you will apply for the open positions. An effective application will include a good resume and cover letter. On this site, you can also find information for how to create a good resume and cover letter for a teaching assistant position.

Fourth, you will apply for more positions. Obviously, the more positions you apply for, the greater your chances of getting called for an interview. The good news is that many schools are often looking for teacher's aides. Furthermore, applications for teaching assistants often are very similar, so it should not take much extra work to apply for many more openings.

Fifth, you will wait to be called for an interview. However, while you wait, you should constantly be checking if positions have opened up, or if there are other positions open in nearby school districts. On this site, you will also find information for how to interview effectively for a teacher's aide position.

Sixth, and finally, you will accept a job offer! This is always a satisfying moment, and if you follow the steps above, as well as check out the pages with information about writing good resumes and interviewing well, then you should have a lot of confidence as you seek to enter into this profession.

To become a teaching assistant requires hard work and commitment, but if you keep working at it, I am absolutely confident that you will be able to receive a job offer. Remember, it's not about if-it's about when. Be patient, confident, and just keep on searching and applying!

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