Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Career and Course Counselling Sessions for Australians

Hi everyone! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to change your direction in life? Is there something that you are passionate about that you could study and then work in for the rest of your life?

Well, my name is Dr Robert Muller and I offer educational services to the community, including teaching, editing, and homeschooling advice. 

In addition, I offer career and course counselling advice, a skill I developed as a careers counsellor at the university level. You can see my educational sites at: and

Today, I have a SPECIAL OFFER that can help you!
As part of my annual “pay-it-back” services to the community, from the 1st of October until the 31st of January every year, I offer free no obligation online career and course counselling sessions, particularly for people who live in the disadvantaged areas of Adelaide, or who come from disadvantaged families.

Of course, the offer is also open to the entire South Australian community and to people right across the nation. In fact, if you are from an isolated part of the state, contact me as this could become an important part of where you are going in life. For people on the south side of Adelaide, I also offer free face-to-face sessions.

As part of this free service, you will find your ideal career choice, or choices, and which courses can lead you in the right direction.

You can contact through my website at: or by email at: or on 0433 354 383.

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