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Homeschool Classes Online - Find Out What Is Available And If Your Student Is Ready

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By Heidi Johnson

When looking for homeschool classes online, there are a few factors parents need to consider first before they start making any payments. Although having their child complete all their coursework online sounds like a great idea, online classes have some definite requirements.

Here are some factors to consider before you enroll in an online class:
  1. Full Curriculum or Individual Classes - Does the student want to take all their classes online or do they just desire to take a class or two online? If a student has never taken a class online, then they might want to consider taking just a few classes at first instead of jumping into a complete curriculum right away.

  2. Cost - Parents need to make sure that their homeschool budget allows for paying for online classes. If the parents don't have the money, then they should seriously consider whether homeschool classes online would be the best option. Most accredited school classes start at around $775 each.

  3. Teachers - Parents should take a good look at the teachers at the school that they are looking at using. They should pick teachers that have a good approval rating so that they don't end up wasting money on a class or having a very frustrated student.

  4. Testimonials - Check the references and testimonials for the school in question. There are probably forums online that can be searched to see what kind of reputation each school has.
Students who want to take homeschool classes online might enjoy a more interactive approach where some of their lessons are on video instead of in a textbook. Students who struggle with reading or who don't enjoy reading a lot of textbook material might learn more in an interactive environment.

When choosing individual courses, there are some questions parents need to know about their student:
  • How motivated is the student?
  • How important is class discussion and instructor involvement to the student?
  • Is the student a good reader and writer?
  • How much time does the student have available to complete the course?
There are also a few free online courses that have been created by people who just want to share and help others. The classes will probably not be accredited, but accredited courses are not usually necessary for homeschoolers even if they plan on attending college.

Online classes can usually be chosen in an a la carte method. Most schools do not require students to sign up with them on a full time basis. Parents can pick and choose which courses they want their students to take.

Usually the instructor or course description will spell out the cost, what kind of time frame is required to complete the course, and what will be required of the student during the course. Some courses will be more interactive than others, so it is important to look for that when reading the course descriptions.

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