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What Is Life Like on an Australian University Campus?

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Australian universities offer a unique opportunity for students to obtain a high quality education and at the same time and enjoy a unique and pleasurable lifestyle.

In fact, it's no wonder that Australia is becoming the fastest growing destination of choice from overseas students in Europe and Asia. After all, the relaxed Australian lifestyle coupled with balmy weather is a sure attractant and makes the decision to study overseas that much easier.

University life is not just about study, it is about enjoying your environment and living in a place that stimulates your thinking, encourages your involvement, and rewards you for your efforts.

Many overseas students look at tourist brochures of Australia and wonder whether it is really true. Those who have made the journey have discovered to their delight at the Australian lifestyle is everything it promised to be.

Without dwelling on the tourism side of Australian campus life, let's take a look at what you can really expect when you finally make the leap and come to study at an Australian university.
  • Depending on the campus you choose it is quite possible to spend some time at the beach between lectures! If you have a light schedule and you are studying at the University of Sydney for example, there is nothing to stop you from jumping on a bus and heading out to Bondi Beach for a few hours in the sun.
  • If you are studying in Brisbane on the other hand, the best beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are about an hour's drive away. Many students plan their weekends at the beach and, during the summer months, enjoy some of the best surfing in the world. Can you think of a better way to refresh yourself after a hard week of study with the promise of more to come?
  • If you're not into the beach, you might choose a campus with a country flavour. Some inland towns are home to the best Australian universities and there is little more you can do to relax than to enjoy the bucolic lifestyle that surrounds you. You can arrange to visit a sheep station or a local farm where you can earn a few dollars picking fruit or vegetables. Many students find this a relaxing and rewarding way to spend their leisure time whilst at the same time recharging their batteries for other burst of study.
  • Most Australian capitals have a range of accommodation options for students, with share housing one of the most popular choices. Here you can join with other students of your choice and club together to cook meals and enjoy a multicultural lifestyle together as you live out the dream life of a student!
  • Eating out in Australia can be as expensive or cheap as you wish. Australia offers one of the most multicultural lifestyles of any country on earth so you are sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds.
Australian universities offer you so much more than a quality education. You can totally immerse yourself in a unique Australian way of life and, at the end of your time, emerge with a qualification and a lifestyle experience that is unparalleled.

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