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GMAT Tutors: What Makes a Great One?

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Lots of elements go into what makes a really good GMAT tutor. Obviously, the teacher himself should have taken the exam and understand what the psychological as well as academic components of the exam consist of.

Besides being experienced himself, a good GMAT tutor also knows how to tutor GMAT students and understand what the student is weak or strong in. They can also appeal to the masses. That is, the language they use to explain things in is very easy to understand.

An example of a bad GMAT tutor who might appear to be good is a PhD in linguistics teaching the GMAT verbal section. Clearly, this is unnecessary as you do not need a PhD in linguistics to teach you how to answer simple GMAT questions. Adding this level of complexity just makes the concepts that much harder to understand.

For example, some prep companies teach you the Latin root of various words and give a complex explanation of why things are a certain way when really this just screws up your brain because now with that much more information, it's a lot more to think about. When it comes to the exam, all you really need to do is explain it really easily and answer it correctly and move on. You don't need to do a complex dissertation on why the answer is right or wrong. You just need to know that it's right and move on.

This is where online programs are effective when it comes to on-demand videos. They essentially mimic the private GMAT tutoring experience so that you're learning from a single individual and it feels like a GMAT tutor. This teacher explains everything in a way that's really easy to understand so you don't need to over think things and waste time on unnecessary stuff.

No, there are no fancy grammar rules to memorize and learning through on-demand videos that are the same videos that hundreds and thousands of others have learned through is important. This is because you know that when you use this GMAT tutor, the quality will be consistent no matter what.

With regular GMAT tutors, you never know if the teacher is having a good or bad day or how his other students have been doing. With online GMAT videos, you'll know that others have gone through this same process so that you can go through the exact same thing with 100% certainty.

Sitting in for the GMAT can be a difficult endeavor. GMAT programs like GMAT Pill have helped hundreds of students prepare efficiently for the exam. Free videos and GMAT information are available.

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